Marvel Legacy : Venom & Monsters Unleashed

Cet automne, Marvel Comics donnera le coup d'envoi d'une nouvelle initiative intitulée MARVEL LEGACY. Marvel annonce un retour aux sources, à l'ancienne numérotation des plus vieux titres de son catalogue, des récits qui seront des points d'entrée idéals...un accent mis sur les personnages iconiques mais sans oublier la nouvelle génération du Marvel NOW.
Bref, "de l'espoir, du plaisir, du fun, du sense of wonder" !

Venom est en avance sur tout le monde puisque le symbiote a déjà adopté la numérotation anniversaire (à partir du #150). Le premier arc qui ouvrira officiellement l'ère LEGACY pour Eddie Brock s'intitulera "Lethal Protector" et débutera au #155 avec un nouveau dessinateur...Mark Bagley !

Venom #155
Mike Costa (writer), Mark Bagley (artist/cover artist)
“Lethal Protector”

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve been drawing Venom for awhile now — I particularly remember your depictions of him back in Ultimate Spider-Man. What have you learned about drawing such a unique-looking character in that time?

MARK BAGLEY: The “regular” Marvel version of Venom is actually a much different character than the Ultimate version of Venom. Venom in the regular Marvel universe is very much the prototypical archnemesis antagonist we’ve come to know in superhero literature, with a mind and a purpose driving him. The Ultimate Venom was really meant to be more of a monster than a super villain and the way I portrayed him in those stories was meant to reflect that. I was really thinking of him as a huge cancerous/tumorous creature which is why I had masses and random rows of teeth growing all over him.

Venom’s teeth/tongue/muscles are sometimes exaggerated to ridiculous proportions, but on the cover for #155 he looks relatively restrained. What’s the key to striking that balance? Does his appearance coincide with his mindset?

Venom’s more exaggerated look, the huge muscles, massive fanged jaws, and that amazing tongue, really evolved over the years from artist to artist. With the Legacy stories I think Marvel really wanted to rein that in quite a bit. Bring Eddie Brock/Venom back to his roots, so to speak. But the tongue and more monstrous aspects of his look aren’t gone for good. Instead, they are going to be used thematically as more of a visual cue to reflect the symbiote’s mental state.

Et j'ajoute la première sollicitation MARVEL LEGACY de la série Monsters Unleashed :

Cover by R.B. SILVA
In a secluded realm hidden amongst the snowy fissures of Antarctica, a dangerous world that time as forgotten continues to thrive -- one where beastly giants of colossal size still roam the Earth and where the lines of man and monster blur. Enter Marvel’s newest hero, KID KAIJU, with the power to summon an all-new team of monstrous Marvel heroes - AEGIS, SLIZZIK, SCRAGG, HI-VO and MEKARA. But in a world already controlled by fiendish beasts, can KID KAIJU call an army powerful enough to protect the boarders of the Savage Land that threatens the very safety of the entire planet?


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